Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to learn more about the Yenepoya Pharmacy College and Research Centre! Dear friends accept my heartiest congratulations for selecting Pharmacy profession as your career.
This is a very exciting time as we build our pharmacy program with you at the center of our focus. From the concept of student-friendly campus to the development of our best learning curriculum, our emphasis is to create the kind of pharmacy program we know, will help you to succeed today and for the rest of your life. We recognize the changing mission of the new pharmacist and have developed a solid science-based program that keeps us in a leadership position in the field of pharmacy. I am honored to serve as founder principal of this great college and proud of having a bright future for our students.

We encourage the kind of practice here, where you are engaged in learning by critically evaluating information and creatively solving problems; not just memorizing endless pharmaceutical formulas, chemical reactions etc., We facilitate - not dictate your learning and you are put at the center of the learning environment, which means you are vested in what happens in the classroom, laboratory and practice site. Isn’t that what learning should be about?

We already have phenomenal researchers working at Yenepoya Research Centre to find new medications/treatment to combat today's illnesses. However, these first-rate facilities, expanded core research laboratories and new specialized technologies will enable us to expand the importance of research, to better explore new frontiers in drug discovery development and hands-on practical experience. We provide our students to have the opportunity to learn, practice and conduct research in inter-professional/interdisciplinary teams in state-of-the art facilities while receiving the support and attention of our close-knit community.

Our classrooms will allow our faculty to utilize the latest and most effective teaching pedagogies that will also allow us to offer new and unique educational & learning tools that enhances our practice of pharmacy throughout their studies. We will be able to better meet the ever-changing needs of our healthcare system and communities.
We truly expect that these curricular facilities provided will support to enhance the abilities of our students & upon graduation he/she will translate into a qualified pharmacist, who is the authority to take pharmaceutical care for the citizens of India and beyond.

I am excited about what we do to encourage and develop you, as a future Pharmacist. You will be an unprecedented pharmacist!

Dr. Mohammed Gulzar Ahmed M.Pharm, Ph.D., R.Ph. 
Yenepoya Pharmacy College & Research Centre