For Parents

  1. Parents should instruct their ward to obey all the rules and regulations of the Colleges, Hostels and Hospitals as existing from time to time.
  2. The wards should be told not to cause any damage to any of the properties belonging to the Colleges, Hostels or Hospitals. In view of preserving national resources kindly instruct you are ward to prevent wastage of electricity and water. They should not dirty the campus/hostels/classrooms or any other premises/building belonging to the University.
  3. The students should be instructed to attend all the tests and assignments without fail and to follow the timings strictly in the College and Hostel. Kindly instruct your ward to be always well dressed, neat and tidy.
  4. Instruct your ward to attend all the classes regularly and that unless they acquire 80% attendance in the lectures, practicals and clinicals, separately they shall not be eligible to appear for the University examination.
  5. The attendance and marks obtained in tests are sent to parents’ registered e-mail on a monthly basis. Daily attendance (absence) data is also sent to parents by SMS service.
  6. A student who remains absent from class with prior permission will lose one attendance for that class. Fine will be imposed for absence without permission as per the rules framed from time to time. Parents of those students who remain absent for three or more classes will be required to give an explanation and pay necessary fine.
  7. The parents/guardians should attend the ‘Parent-Teacher-Students’ Meetings as and when called for by the respective Principals.
  8. The parents/guardians are always welcome to meet the Principal or communicate with the Principal for any information regarding their wards during working days.
  9. The parents/guardians shall make it a point to ensure that the Tuition/Hostel & Mess fees are paid in time failing which disciplinary action/suspension from classes shall be effected.
  10. Students will be sanctioned leave only during college holidays and in emergencies. No leave shall be permitted for any functions, marriages, etc., as this is a professional college and frequent leave will upset the students’ academic performance.
  11. Overstaying more than the sanctioned leave period will be dealt with strictly and students should report with parents while rejoining without fail. Keeping the students an extra day at home and giving them  leave letters will not be permitted.
  12. The parents/guardians shall strictly instruct their wards to go home for the holidays only after the last class of the day is over and attended with valid permission and information to Hostel Warden.
  13. Absence from the hostel and leave without permission will attract immediate disciplinary action.
  14. Any type of ragging is strictly prohibited and punishable under law. In case of any such incident an F.I.R. will be filed immediately with the police authorities.
  15. The students are not permitted to use two-wheelers/four-wheelers etc., either in the campus or outside.
  16. Outsiders/Parents shall not be permitted in the hostel after 6.00 p.m. Guests/Parents are permitted only up to the Visitors room in the hostels.
  17. It is compulsory that all the students shall stay in the Hostel. Students whose parents are staying locally can be permitted to stay with their parents provided the parents to meet the concerned Principal and the Principal is satisfied with the validity of the request.
  18. The Parents shall update College Office the changes in Mobile number/e-mail ID if any.
  19. The parents of the concerned students shall declare the local guardian and the local guardian who is nominated shall give an undertaking to this effect.
  20. A person can be a local guardian for only one student in normal cases. However, for brothers/sisters, a single person can be the local guardian. A student of another College cannot be a local guardian.
  21. The parents are advised not to own or have rented accommodation near the campus for their temporary stay while at Mangalore. This may lead to misuse by their ward and the Management strictly advises the parents to follow this regulation.
  22. The fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Please also note that should a student withdraw from the program prematurely i.e., before completion of the said program, a student is required to pay the balance of the tuition fee for the entire program before a student is allowed to withdraw from our College.